Inglewood Rising: Earth Day 2014

SJLI Earth Day 2014 - SJLILong time, no meet, huh? There hasn’t been an official Farm2Plate Culinary Club gathering as of late, and this month, the workshop will take on a slightly different format. This month, the Social Justice Learning Institute‘s monthly workshop falls on the same weekend as Earth Day. If you want to attend a big community celebration, check out the info below:

Earth Day 2014
South Lawn, Inglewood City Hall
1 West Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90301

Earth-friendly demonstrations and activities for the whole family. Featuring performances by Kenny Lattimore and The Sledge Grits Band.

An annual festival designed to emphasize the link between personal and environmental health. Inglewood is undergoing a sustainability transformation, and this year’s festival will inform residents of the many new plans for the City, including the development of Healthy Lifestyle Centers by the Social Justice Learning Institute.

Event Highlights: Electric Vehicle Displays, Community Supported Agriculture – Farm Stand, Yoga and Zumba Demonstrations, Health and Nutrition Classes, Tree Care and Gardening Demonstrations, Composting and Recycling Education, Kids Fun Zone

Booths: Bikerowave, Branded Body, California Greenworks, Consolidated Disposal Service, Chevy, City of Inglewood, Clear Gardens Yoga, Curves, Morningside Park Sustainable City, Network for a Healthy California, New Leaf Recycling, SoCal Fine Music, South Bay Environmental Services, Southern California Edison, TreePeople, ThrdPlace

For more information, visit the SJLI website.

Turkey, Leek and Sage Soup

Turkey Leek and Sage Soup Nov 2013 - F2P Culinary Club

Last month, the SJLI led a team of volunteers at a school garden build in Lennox. Now Delores Huerta Elementary School now has a budding garden thanks to the many community members, students, parents and Do Good Bus volunteers who stuck their hands into the dirt. To keep everyone’s energy up, lunch was provided, along with a serving of soup. Even though the sun came out, and the weather proved to be warmer than expected, a little soup went a long way. Continue reading

Pumpkin Three Ways For The Holidays

Queens Park Pumpkin - F2P Culinary Club

It’s the month of the pumpkin! It seems to be a polarizing member of the produce family. Some folks love it, other folks hate it. It seems as though the people who do not like it have really only eaten pumpkin in its most popular form–pureed into a pie filling. Of course, there are plenty of ways to eat pumpkin, so this past weekend’s demo was a three-recipe display of various ways to eat the big orange guy. If you missed the class, check below for the recipes.
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Summer Tomatoes Three Ways

Tomato Paintings Queens Park SJLI - F2P Culinary Club

This is the best time for tomatoes, so why not use them in as many ways as you can? Of course, salads can benefit from a juicy tomato, but there are many other things you can do with them. This month’s demo featured three recipes with tomatoes used in three specific ways with varying flavors. The first recipe is an Indian chutney, the second is a play on the Italian caprese salad, and the last is a West coast twist on the Southern classic–a tomato sandwich. Read on for more!
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Roasted Vegetable Sandwich and Fattoush Salad

Crowd at Demo - F2P Culinary Club

At this past weekend’s cooking demonstration, we prepared two heavy vegetarian dishes that are meant to leave you feeling very satisfied. Often, we hear that people shy away from vegetarian meals because they feel hungry two or three hours later. In reality, you should be eating every few hours to keep your metabolism up and running at its best. With heavy-veggie meals, you can guarantee that your body is most likely receiving a high quantity of vitamins and nutrients that it needs, loves and adores. The key to making your vegetarian meals a success is utilizing different ingredients that add new flavors to keep you interested and incorporate higher amounts of protein to provide satiety. Continue reading

Corn and Shrimp Fritters with Honey Dijon Spiced Coleslaw

Queen Park Learning Garden Collage - F2P Culinary Club

Summer is here, and one of the best vegetables to eat during this time is corn. It is one of America’s favorites, and when the months of June, July, August and September pop up, it is time to grab a pound or two of fresh cobs. When corn season hits, the prices at grocery stores and farmers markets are low, so there is no reason to avoid the purchase. Plus, the flavor of fresh corn is a vast improvement from anything in the can. For our last demo, Chrystal shucked a few ears and used the crunchy kernels in fritters.

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Farro, Cucumber, Mint and Feta Salad and Cucumber and Yellow Squash Carpaccio

May 2013 F2P Cucumber Day Collage - F2P Culinary ClubIt’s all about cucumber for the last month’s cooking demonstration. Chrystal led the workshop, with Carolyne right by her side. Why cucumbers, you may be asking. They are usually only in salads as big, watery chunks that do not add flavor or oomph. The idea of May’s workshop was to change the perception of cucumber and show everyone just how perfect they can be in different recipes. Mint was also a prime ingredient in each of the three recipes. Mint grows like a weed, so if you have a garden or even just a little outdoor pot, you can grow mint and use it all summer long.
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Egg Foo Young and Buckwheat Noodle Salad

Fresh Collard Greens SJLI - F2P Culinary Club

Thanks to Pam, our last cooking demonstration was quite a success! It was a chance to showcase new recipes and techniques with a few familiar ingredients. Both of Pam’s recipes use Asian ingredients that you may be familiar with from trips to your favorite restaurant or a stroll down the grocery aisle. One of the common additions in both recipes is cruciferous greens–a mix of both swiss chard and collards. These types of greens are an excellent way to add natural vitamins, minerals and fiber to your diet.

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Making Fresh Pasta

Carolyne Making Pasta Dough Collage - F2P Culinary Club

This month, Carolyne decided it would be the perfect time to teach students how to make pasta. That’s right, fresh pasta you can make at home! It’s much easier than you think, and as always, when it’s homemade, pasta takes so much better than the boxed variety. You may be wondering if it is worth your time and effort. If you are a pasta lover, or if you enjoy cooking projects that are fun for kids as well, pasta is perfect for you. You would be surprised just how easy it can be.

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Peanut and Chicken Stew and Chapati

Chrystal Leading Feb Demo - F2P Culinary Club

February marks the return of Black History Month, and this time, we have combined forces with Oldways to highlight their celebration of African Heritage and Health Week, which ran from February 1-7. It was a time to remember, recognize and implement “at least one dish, at home or at a local restaurant, that is inspired by the cuisines of African-American ancestors and Oldways’ African Heritage Diet Pyramid“. The pyramid is a reformed visual that displays various ancestral foods and their best quantities in a person’s diet. Eating in line with our heritage, according to Oldways, is not only a way to connect to history and nourish the spirit, but also to improve health. The pyramid features a large focus on greens, vegetables, fruits, beans and grains, with meats, fats and desserts making up the smaller portion of the pyramid. It is this return to a more plant-based diet that plays a large role in the healthier lifestyle on a micro level and also has a hand in rebuilding and strengthening communities as a whole. Continue reading